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  Wednesday January 26. 2022   Rent to Own

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Rent to own homes as a way of buying real estate

One of the biggest advantages of buying a rent to own home is the fact that you can live in the home you want right now, even if you can't or don't want to buy it right away. You don't have to go rent a house or an apartment first while you work on your credit, and then buy a home later. By renting first, although you have time to fix your credit, home prices are going up and you lose time.

The advantage you have by doing a rent to own home and moving in right away vs renting first, is that you typically get a rent credit. If you rent, that money is lost forever. You don't get a tax break on it, it does not get saved and it does not apply to the price. Rent to own Sellers will typically extend a rent credit to you. This kind of 'save while you rent' strategy is only available on rent to own homes.

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