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This Real Estate Networking Group was borne out of the idea of David Lim, Samina Vardag and Joan Hing King.

David Lim has been investing since the 1970s and is still investing today.  Up until last year, he mainly concentrated in buying properties in Canada.  David is now investing in both Canada and the U.S.

Samina Vardag and her husband, Ali Vardag, without going to any real estate investing courses and strictly from reading books and hard work have managed to purchase properties with little or no money down.  They are dedicated and very disciplined people and treat their real estate business seriously.

Joan Hing King started her real estate investing while looking for a rental property for her daughter in downtown Toronto.  She came across a condo development which she bought two units by trading in her Toyota Corolla for the cash and leasing one from Toyota.  Those two condos reaped her a huge windfall and from then on she was hooked on buying real estate as an investment.