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  Wednesday August 10. 2022   FAQ's



Q:  I recently had my property surveyed.  Can I still use Tru-Point Survey MarkersTM ?

A:  Yes.  State Regulations prohibit property owners from replacing survey markers placed by a Licensed Professional Surveyor. However, you may request he return to replace his markers with your Tru-Point MarkersTM , or simply install our markers next to the Surveyor's original markers.

Q:  How many Tru-Point MarkersTM  will I need to mark my property?

A:  The number of markers required depends on the type of surveying being done, i.e., personal property, land development, ball fields.  Most property owners, at the least, mark the four corners of their boundaries.  Some people also mark the boundary lines at intervals between corners or at some other point of importance to them.

Q:  How do I get my Surveyor to use Tru-Point MarkersTM ?

A:  Property owners as well as developers may purchase Tru-Point MarkersTM  prior to their surveys and request the Surveyor use our markers in place of his rebar or wooden stakes. Many Licensed Professional Surveyors are familiar with Tru-Point MarkersTM , and may already have them in stock.

Q:  What are other uses for Tru-Point MarkersTM ?

A:  AlthoughTru-Point MarkersTM  were designed originally for personal property monumentation, they are excellent tools to use in marking subdivision developments, farmland divisions, ball fields, utility lines, cemetery plots, parking lots, shopping centers, drive-ways, sidewalks, campgrounds, concrete foundations, landscaping areas, and much, much more.

Q:  How long can I expect Tru-Point MarkersTM  to last?

A:  Tru-Point MarkersTM  are engineered to last for several generations. Our markers are constructed from high quality Stainless and Cold-Rolled Steel which insures product integrity.

Q:  I'm a Professional Surveyor. You say your markers will save me time and money. How so?

A:  Well, once Tru-point MarkersTM  have been installed and validated by a Licensed Professional Surveyor, a return trip to re-survey the same property merely requires revalidating the markers already in place =Time Saved. Property owners are happy to pay the low cost of our markers when they know the markers will be permanent and last through several generations =Money Saved.

Q:  I have woods and a creek along my boundaries. Can I use your markers there?

A:  Certainly. By adding our 4 ft Fluorescent Fiberglass Rod, you get added visibility in thick brush, tall grasses, heavy woods, and even in creek beds.

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