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"The True Point of Ownership"

The Final Answer in Permanent Property Survey Monumentation



My name is C.E. "Ed" Truax, and I am the President of
Tru-Point MarkersTM , Inc.  It is important to me that my customers receive the quality and satisfaction they deserve.  If  you have any questions you can email me or call me at our office.

We're here to assist you with every aspect of customer service. If any questions arise as you surf through our site, you may call us at 502-477-9204 during regular business hours, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST.

We are currently based in the Taylorsville Lake area of
beautiful Kentucky, and we really do appreciate your business!

Tru-Point MarkersTM , Inc.
    520 Fairground Rd.
    Taylorsville, KY  40071-9644

Business Hours:
    Monday - Friday     9am - 5pm EST

Contact Us:
Office:         502-477-9204
Fax Line:      502-477-9204

Email Us:
Sales & Marketing Dept.
or  tpmwebsite@aol.com
Customer Service Dept.

C.E. "Ed" Truax, President
Thu Ha Truax, Vice President of Finance & Accounting                                                                       
Michael D Truax, Vice President of Sales & Marketing                       





We Sincerely Thank You for Visiting our Website

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Tru-Point Markers, Inc.
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