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   About Us


When it's time to celebrate call Unique Events Inc.

Unique Events Inc. offers coordination packages which include all of the traditional wedding or special event consulting services and more! We will assist you at any stage of your planning and can create an event filled with time-honored and contemporary ideas that reflect your style and budget.

From backyards and beaches to Five Star resorts, Our Wedding Specialist have coordinated weddings and special events throughout Florida, including the Jacksonville Garden Club, Riverside Women’s Club, Florida Times Union, Dolphin Village, Cummer Museum of Arts/Gardens, Morocco Shrine Club and FCCJ Wilson Center, just to name a few.

We will provide a no stress event, by assisting you in every step of the way.  With over fifteen years of service in the hospitality and wedding industry, Unique Events Inc. brings innovative ideas hands-on experience, , and personal dedication to each event we plan. When your day arrives, we will take care of all of the details so the only thing you have to do is be a guest at you own event!

From the time he pops the question to the time you pop the cork, allow Unique Events Inc. to assist you create the event of a lifetime!

   Happy Clients & Business Associates

Susie Curran                                                                          Corporate Events
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Tania & Barry                                                                        May 2006
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Nicole & Dillon                                                                       April 2006
Email: schultz.nicole1@mayo.edu

Allyson & Kevin                                                                      April 2006
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Amanda & Phillip                                                                   October 2005
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Becky & Donnis                                                                      March 2006
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Pastor Bill
Email: Billandnancymc@bellsouth.net

Chef Bill @ Magnolia Pointe Country Club

Nancy & Steve Bennett @ Living Image Photography

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Marc @ 1st Class Entertainment
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Jeff or Steve @ Buca Di Beppo

Coordinator Notice of Intent

Client Name: ______________________                                         Event Date and Time: ________________

Client Phone: _____________________                                         Event Type: _________________________

Address: __________________________                                        Event Location: ______________________

___________________________________                                      _____________________________________

It is the intention of both consultant and client to work together on the planning of this event. The consultant's roll is initially that of an advisor. The client will make the actual selections of vendors and the consultant will implement those selections.

The intent of this agreement is to confirm the reservation of the consultants services for the above event date.

The consultants services may include: (see page 2 for a detailed list)

Assisting the client in establishing costs and budget.

Researching vendors.

Keeping a record of services the consultant will handle for the client.

Making reservations and placing orders on behalf of the client

Keeping the client informed on the status of orders, etc.

Being or having a representative on site to coordinate the day of the event

NON-Refundable Reservation Fee                                                                                      $_____________

Additional payment to be applied (Due by___________                                                      $_____________

                                                                                                                           Sub Total $_____________

                                                                                                                       Grand Total $_____________

By signing below, both parties acknowledge that:

The consultant has explained available services, fees and policies.

The client is reserving the consultant's services for the above event.

The consultant is not responsible for the hired vendors. 

Cancellation within the date of the contract to the event date will result in a fee equal to 75% of the estimated total bill.

After the initial deposit, a payment equal to 50% is due.

The entire balance must be paid 60 days prior to event.

Unique Events is not responsible for the personal property of the client.

1. Unique Events agrees to provide to the client services on this contract.

2. The client agrees to pay Unique Events the deposit upon signing this contract.

3. Liability of Unique Events shall not exceed the total cost of this contract.

4. The client agrees that he/she will pay the balance stated in the contract.

Should the client fail to pay the balance for any reason he/she agrees to pay all attorney fees, a 15% late fee plus 18% per month interest on the final balance and all other cost and expenses necessarily incurred for the recovery of that amount.

5. Unique Events is not responsible for any acts of God

6. Client agrees to the laws of this contract by signing this contract.

Unique Events                                                                                                    Client

_______________________                                                                     ______________________

Date:                                                                                                                 Date: 


Page 2

Suggested Wedding Coordinator Duties

Pre-Rehearsal and Wedding:

Initial consultation with you to discuss your dreams, desires and expectations of your special event, including: budget, types of vendors, décor, accommodation/ transportation needs etc. (up to 2 hours)

Planning Consultation(s) with you via e-mail, telephone, and in person by appointment, to discuss options, answer questions, remind you of payments due to vendors, assist with details..

All vendors are contacted to let them know you will be working with Unique. Copies of all of your vendor contracts are reviewed with you to ensure you haven't missed anything. For example, Change of music, flowers, seating.

The contracts also allow Unique the opportunity to contact your vendors (cater, DJ, Photographer, Florist, Cake, Video, etc...) to discuss your expectations with them first hand, and possibly visit the location(s) for the ceremony and reception if we haven't worked there before. We will also communicate any changes or add-ons that you decide to make.

7 to 10 days before the wedding the vendors are contacted once again to create a timeline for your special day and follow up with them to ensure they have all of the information they need to make your day flow smoothly. Vendors are also contacted the day before the wedding

Create and finalize master time line of all major wedding events and places: from rehearsal, ceremony, to cake cutting, first dance, toasting, arrival of vendors, etc.

Send master timeline to all vendors within two weeks of your event: Be prepared to re-do and re-send as many times as necessary until everyone is in sync.

Make sure any and all specially requested touches or family traditions are integrated as requested by the bride throughout the pre-wedding process and wedding day.


Set the date, time and coordinate all participants for the rehearsal including bridal party, family, officiate, musicians, etc.

Orchestrate processional, recessional in order and to music desired.

Assign ushers, guest book attendant, who will place party favors and by what time on the wedding day, go over job descriptions with each key player, what time they are expected to be there, etc.

Assign bridal party the designated place and time of arrival, etc.

Wedding Day:

Be present prior to start of ceremony to greet and direct vendors as they arrive.

Assist with final adjustments on placement of favors, guest book, etc. Pin on boutonnieres, corsages,

Be ready with "survival kit" including a mini-sewing kit, pins, aspirin, mints, Kleenex, etc. to assist with last minute emergencies.

Assist bride and bridal party as they get ready, assist in getting bridal party and families to any pre-wedding photographic sessions on time.

Make sure they are out of site in time for the arrival of the first guests for the ceremony.

Watch master time line very carefully and monitor guest arrival flow of traffic to determine when to start ceremony. When this time arrives, get bridal party, families and everyone queued up and ready for processional.

Final check on boutonnieres, corsages, flower arrangements, ring on ring-bearer's pillow or with best man.

Cue music.

Start processional.

Ensure bride's entrance is Grand and Flawless.

After ceremony, make sure bridal party and families go to a designated place to take photos. Clear guests out of this area so site is clear for photographer to complete final photographs with bridal party and families.

Ensure reception venue is ready to greet guests for the Cocktail and hors d'oeuvre hour.

Bring guest book to reception and make sure guest book is signed by incoming guests.

Make sure gifts are placed on gift table.

After bridal final post-ceremony photos orchestrate Grand Entrance of bridal party into reception

Queue them up in correct order for their introduction.

Ensure first dance, family dance, cake cutting toast etc. are all orchestrated on time. Coordinate this with banquet staff. (Cutting and serving of cake is the responsibility of the cater.)

Assist the bride and groom as necessary in getting their meal. (Buffet or Sit Down)

Instruct caterer on what to do with Bride and Groom basket.

Assist the bride and groom as they exit the reception for their honeymoon.

Unique Events                                                                                                        Client

_______________________                                                                        __________________________
Date:                                                                                                                      Date: 

Unique Events Inc.