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Did you know is brought to you by the Wizard!


The addition of ethanol in our fuel creates many problems.
It decreases the efficent operation of your engine and is
not good for filters, injectors, rubber
seals and gaskets.
Fuel milage will decrease! Ethanol attracts moisture from
the atmosphere. Debis in the fuel, gums rapidly in the fuel
tank and fuel delivery system. Excessive water in the fuel
and phase separation. Ethanol attracts moisture from the
atmosphere, forming an ethanol/water solution in the fuel.

A good fuel additive designed to counter act Ethonal is
HIGHLY recommended to help prevent problems that can
accure. Most will stablize your fuel which is good when 
your bike is in use or stored.


Fuel Injected

 Your fuel injected V-Twin is equipped with an ECU
(electronic control unit) that's programed to deliver
fuel to the motor based on an air/fuel ratio for stock
air filter and stock exhaust system. While the ECU can
self-adjust for environmental factors such as temperature
and altitude, it can't adjust for mechanical changes like
adding performance parts. When you install a performance
exhaust system/high air flow air cleaner, your airflow changes,
so you need a fuel management system that adjusts your
air/fuel ratio to match the changes.

There are numerous systems on the market. Some
are easy to install, some you need a computer science
degree to do. We have used several of these systems and
find there are a few that stand out.

Most systems will add horse power, cool engines and
improve overall performance.

Vance and Hines FuelPak

Easy installation and setup. Works great for the
average rider. Works with your stock ECM.
No computer required to set up programs.
Great Website support at http://www.fuelpakfi.com/

Power Commander

Easy installation in most cases. Works with your
stock ECM. Maybe programed before it is installed.
Computer required. Individual cylinder mapping
Maybe fine tuned on a dynamo-meter.
Great Website support at http://www.powercommander.com/


Easy installation. Replaces your stock ECM. Mapped
after installation. Computer required.  Auto Tune with
it's Wide Band Closed Loop System continually and
automatically adjusts your air-fuel ratios. 
Great Website support at http://www.thunder-max.com/

Preventive Maintenance

There are a couple of important items I would like to talk
about pertaining to this subject.

Now that the newer Harley-Davidson are fuel injected we
should be aware that there is a fuel filter in the gas tank
that should be changed at twenty-five thousand miles. Failure
to do this could cause poor performance and low fuel pressure.

This is very important for twin cam owners!!!

During the same time frame or before, the wear on your cam chain
tensioners should be checked. If they are worn and fail they can do
massive damage to your motor. Failure can ruin your support plate
and oil-pump. Plus even when the motor is flushed, they is the possibility
of metal still being in your motor. We have seen some failures as early as
fifteen thousand miles in some older models.

An alternative to the chain driven cams are Gear Driven Cams.
They are very reliable and give good throttle response. They can
be a little noisy and are a bit more expensive. It is a good option
and will give the rider Peace of mind.


Metzler Tires Care

Metzler Tires:

A few tips and dips

When ever installing tires sized different than your
motorcycle manufacturer recommends ALWAYS INSURE
Consult the motorcycle
manufacturer if you intend to mount sizes other than that
specified in your owner's manual for minimum clearances.
Physical dimensions of tires are very important.


Always balance tire and wheel assembly prior to installation.
Unbalanced tire and wheel assemblies can accelerate tire wear.

Always inflate tires to the correct tire pressure as indicated in
your owner's manual. However Metzler has suggested tire
inflation, which may exceed that in your owner's manual.
Metzler feels these tire pressures will increase tire life and performance.
Check cold inflation pressure frequently.


 Battery Care


Yes, Your battery maybe maintenance Free!!

However, a periodic check of you terminals to insure
tightness should be done. Normally done during services
along with a check of your charging-system.

Don't overload battery terminals with accessory wires.
A good connection is very important.

A battery with bad standing voltage can burn your
charging system up!!!Which would cost you a lot more money.

Be aware of the age of your battery. An old battery may
work in the morning and completely go dead later in the
day leaving you stranded. 3 years is about average life for
a motorcycle battery.

Don't ride much? Think about a battery tender to maintain
a full charge even when not riding. This can extend the life
of the battery.

Remember: Your Battery is the heart of your motorcycle.
When purchasing a battery,inexpensive may mean trouble.
Do not expect a 3 year battery life out of an inexpensive battery!!!

Exhaust Choices


Good exhaust doesn't have to be expensive. There are several manufacturers
that make good performance and long lasting exhaust for Harley-Davidson.

Cycle Shack is a good example:

Slip-on mufflers for Harley Dressers can run as low as $250.00. They sound
good,look good and perform well.  Slip-on for the other Harley models run
around$180.00 to $190.00 and work well also.

Drag Specialties:

Their Python brand slip-on manufactured by Vance & Hines for the Harley
Dresser cost around  $345.00.  Again they perform well, sound good and look good.
Slip-on mufflers for other models run around $290.00. Both suppliers off full systems
for Harley-Davidson.

The highest price is not always the best quality or sound!!!


Think about your tires!!
Maintaining proper Tire Pressure makes your riding safer. In addition it can
increase mileage per tire and gas mileage.  Remember to adjust rear tire pressure
according to your load. One up and Two up riding or being loaded down for a
trip can require different rear tire pressures. Proper tire wear on two wheels is
very important.

Check your owners manual for proper inflation . However Metzler tires may require a 
slightly higher pressure.



This information is based on the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.
Thinking of buying a new Harley?  Here are a few tips the Wizard thinks you should know!!!


Have you talked to a salesperson about buying a New Harley or have you just bought one ?

1. Were you told if you add aftermarket parts your warranty will be nullified?
Not always the fact. It must be spelled out clearly and explicitly in the warranty's text. So read your entire warranty.

2. Were you told that your first service MUST be done at a Harley dealership to maintain your warranty?
Not true!!   How ever the services must be performed to maintain the warranty.  We advise a professional.

3. Have you been told, Oh, that isn't covered under warranty. You caused the problem.

The service writer or even the owner can not flatly deny a warranty issue.  It is two different things for them to say you're at fault and to have a large manufacturing concern  go on record that it was your fault.  They must produce a significant case already on the books and the manufacturer must produce a genuine engineering study. If not you still have a strong argument.

You as a consumer have more rights than you probably realize.

If you would like to learn more, go to this website:



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