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Merchant Account


A merchant account allows you to accept credit card transactions. This can either be done by one of two methods. Offline processing means you submit the credit information yourself. Real-time processing is where you sign up with a financial institution and they process the credit information online as the customer is making the order. We currently support the following vendors:

·         Authorize.net http://www.authorizenet.com/

·         PayPal https://www.paypal.com/

·        LinkPoint http://www.linkpoint.com/

·        Plug’n Pay http://www.plugnpay.com/

·        Intercept http://www.intercept.net/

·        BluePay http://www.bluepay.com/

·        Echo http://www.echo-inc.com/

·        WorldPay http://www.worldpay.com/

·        ePS http://www.eps-na.com/

·        Cybercash http://www.cybercash.com/

·        E-Commerce Exchange http://www.ecx.com/

·        eProcessing Network http://www.eprocessingnetwork.com/

·        Network1Financial http://www.eftsecure.com

·        VeriSign  http://verisign.com/

·        Intellipay http://www.intellipay.com/

·        HMSBlue http://www.hmsblue.com/

·        USAePay http://www.usaepay.com/

·        eZIC http://www.ezic.com/

·        Concord http://www.concordtech.com.hk


Note this list is just provided for your convenience. It may not be up-to-date. Websites can change and vendors may no longer be in service. We do not endorse any of these sites.  Please take the time to choose a vendor who is right for you.


After selecting a company you must contact them to create the account.  After getting an account, you must setup your website to use it.


Setting up a Merchant Account


To setup an account up follow these steps.


  1. Click on E-commerce options.




  1. Click on Merchant Account.




  1. Click on Choose and configure the Processing Method.




  1. Choose Real-Time and then click on Proceed.




  1. Pick the merchant you have selected and then click on Proceed.




  1. Enter the requested information for your account to finalize setup.





Information on the internet is broken up into smaller pieces before it is sent. These pieces are called packets.  A gateway then takes these packets and decides where to send them based on the information stored in the packet.  This can be either directly to the destination or to another gateway.  This continues until the information  arrives safely at its destination.  A payment gateway connects your gateway to your merchant account. Gateways, while generally stable, are not permanent, and can change over time. This can require reconfiguring you setup. The only notice of this you may have is an error message.