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Account Setup

This area is divided up into four different sections:

  • Credit Card Accepted- Check the box next to the type of credit cards that you can accept.
  • "Call For Card" Option- If you choose yes then the option for the customer to place the order without submitting a credit card will appear when they checkout. This means that you will have to contact the customer to get their credit card information. Even though you run on a secure server, some people are still timid about releasing their credit card information online.
  • Email Footer Text- This is just like the "signature" line on your regular email. For example, you can enter, "Thank you for shopping with us, come again!" This line will then appear at the bottom of your emails to them.
  • Search Options- This allows you to customize how the search results will be displayed for your visitors.
  • Keywords- The keywords of your page is basically telling the search engines what words are associated with your page. Example; if you have a  web page about "finance", it is probably a good idea to have loans or credit as one of your keywords.  Also always make your city and or state part of your keywords. The reason is that a lot of people feel comfortable doing business with a company in their city or state.
  • Savings %- You can use this as a way to get customers to come back to your website. If you enter a percentage in here then that is the discount that a returning customer will get on their next order.
  • Currency Symbol- Enter your currency symbol

  • This is where you set up the shipping options for your visitors.
  • Step 1- you will need to choose the method that you will be charging for shipping. Once you have done that then you will need to proceed to the next step and configure the amounts for that shipping method. For example, if you are shipping by total price then you will need to give them the options in the method name and then the price for that option, etc.
  • Step 2- This step allows you to add or delete shippers/shipping methods. Perhaps you only use FedEx but you have three options, Overnight, 2 Day, and Regular