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The header is located at the top of your web page. This image will be in the same spot throughout the whole web site. You have a couple of choices when it comes to choosing your header:

  1. Flash Header
  2. Static Header
  3. Custom Header

Flash Header- This is basically an animated header.
If you selected a Flash header on your initial sign up then your default text was determined by the questions asked when you signed up. This text can be edited by clicking on edit flash header. Then entering the optional three lines of text.


At this time you do not have the option to swap flash headers but you can always ask your salesperson about a custom flash header. The next option is to completely change to header to a static header.

Static Header - If you prefer to have a standard header without animation  you can choose a theme with a static header or create a static header in .gif or .jpeg format and upload here. If you choose to create your own header please keep in mind the size of the image you create.

Custom Header - The last option you have is a custom header. Contact your sales representative for information on obtaining a custom flash or static header created by their graphic designer.