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The affiliate program allows you to offer your visitors an opportunity to link to your site and earn money for the traffic they bring you. Affiliates can join from the form on your website or you can add new affiliates in the manager console. You have full control on updating their information, uploading affiliate banners, setting the dates you want the hits/sales reflected by and the percentage of a sale you will pay your affiliates.

Setting up your Affiliate Program 

Log into your Manager Console

1) Click on E-commerce Options.



2) Click on Affiliate Program.



First we need to setup the Affiliate Program


3) Enter the amount you want to pay your affiliate in the Payout Percentage field.


The payout percentage is the amount you want to pay your affiliate for each sale that they have brought to your site.  For example, if you choose 5%, when a customer comes to your site via your affiliate, the Affiliate Program follows that customer and tracks every purchase they make.  The Program does the math and tells you how much to pay your affiliate.  That being said, you are not required to choose a payout percentage now.  The Affiliate Program will still track the customer’s purchases and tally the traffic coming from your affiliate’s site. 


4) Click on Set Dates.



5) By clicking on the drop down menus, choose a date to start your Affiliate Program and a date to end it. 


Do not worry, though it seems like you may only choose to continue the program until December of next year, the program automatically adjusts itself and will allow you to change it next year.


6) Click on Upload Banner.



7) Click on the Browse Button.


This opens up a window that allows you to browse your computer for an image that you wish to use for your banner.  The banner is the graphic that will be displayed on your affiliate’s website and when it is clicked on, it will take the viewer to your website.


8) Click on the file (must be a valid image .jpg .gif .bmp) you wish to use and click the Open Button.



9) Click on the Upload Button.         


Should you have mistakenly chosen an image you do not want to use, click the Remove Button.



Setting Up the Affiliate Page.

10) Click on Manage Your Site.



11) Click on Add or Remove a Webpage.



12) Scroll down to Changing your Main Pages.



13) Add a page that you will use for your Affiliate Signup Page.


You can name it “Affiliate Program” or anything else that you wish.


14) Click on Manage Your Site.



15) Click on Body.



16) In the drop down menu where is says “You are currently change the _____ page” select the page that you created previously.



17) Scroll below the Page Selection Box where it says “You are currently editing a Standard page and click on Change Page Type. 



18) Find the Affiliate Page Type and click the Change link to the right of it.



You will be taken back to the editing page.  The only differences you may notice, is that it now says you are editing an Affiliate Page and there is only one paragraph to edit.  This Intro Paragraph is what a potential affiliate would see above the signup form.  This is a great place to outline your program and what you offer as incentives.



Congratulations!  You have setup your affiliate program!  Take a look at the website (click View Website).



Then click Affiliate Program.



You will see your new Affiliate Page with the signup form.



Adding Affiliates

To add affiliates they can either fill out the above form or you can enter the info for them:

1) Click on Add Affiliates.



2) Fill out form.




3) The affiliate should then log on the Affiliate program page using their password.



4) On the logon screen click on View Banners and Linking Information.



5) They should then paste the displayed code onto their home page.




6) Finally just click on the banner to make sure it connects to your web page.



To view your affiliate statistics just click on List Affiliates



The page will now display the stats at the bottom.