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Add products, edit products, relate products, upload product images and much more. Complete control over your products is done here.

On the first screen you will need to name the product and give it a unique product number or tracking number for your inventory. You can then enter a brief description on this product. You can use html in this area. Choose the page you would like the product to appear on from the drop down menu. Enter the price of the product. This is the price that your client will see.

When you proceed to the second screen you will have the option to include your product photograph. Simply browse your hard drive, cd, or floppy for the file. Only .jpeg and .gif files can be uploaded at this location. Be sure the image is sized to your desired measurement, there will not be an opportunity for resizing later.
You can enter the retail price, if you would like your customers to see the advantage they have over buying the product in the store.
If you are entering a quantity it is used for inventory purposes. The product will label itself as sold out when they are all purchased otherwise leave it as it is.
Enter the weight of the product especially if you are charging shipping by weight.
Related products can be used as an upsell opportunity. If they are buying a pair of pants perhaps you will want to offer them a shirt to go with the pair of pants. You can choose up to three related products.
You have several display options that allow you to hide the price or have the client call you for price.

The next screen is the option screen. This will allow your customer to customize their order. For example, you sell shirts and have them in several different colors and sizes. You will want to add those options in this area. You start by entering the option name, example: size. The next thing you will want to do is enter the option choices; example: Small, Medium. Next to the option choice you will want to add in whole numbers the change in dollars for the option if any. So if you charge $2.00 more for XXXL you will want to place a 2 in the box to the right.

In order to delete a product you will want to select that product from the drop down menu and delete the product.

You can change or edit parts of your product. Perhaps you run out of red shirts and want to eliminate them from being offered. You will want to click on this area of your product menu and then find the options area. Simply delete the option for red shirts. The only thing that cannot be updated is the product name. If you need to change the name of the product then you will have to create a new product and delete the existing one.