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Email marketing allows you to communicate important information to your customer.  Examples of useful announcements would be notifying users of updates to your website or of impending sales. You could also send out special offers or weekly newsletters.


Adding email addresses

Adding email addresses is very easy process. Log into your Manager Console.

1)      Click on Promote Your Site.


2)      Click on Email Marketing.


3)      Click on Manage Your Email Lists


4)      Enter the email address, then the person’s first and last name.

After making sure the information is correct, click add.



If you scroll down to current email addresses you will see the new email address has been added to the ALL group.  Note email addresses will always be added to the ALL group.



If you made a mistake or wish to delete an address, simply click on the email address you wish to remove, select REMOVE from the drop down window and then click Do It!



Creating a Join Email Page

A more efficient way of adding email addresses is by creating a Join Email page. This allows customers that are interested in receiving announcements the ability to give you their email address.

5)      Click on Manage Your Site.



6)      Click on Add or Remove a Webpage.



7)      Scroll down to Changing your Main Pages.



8)      Add a page that you will use for your Join Email page.



You can name it “Join Newsletter” or anything else you want.


9)      Click on Manage Your Site.



10)   Click on Body.



11)   In the drop down menu where it says “You are currently changing the _____ page” select the page that you created previously.



12)   Scroll below the Page Selection Box where it says “You are currently editing a Standard page and click on Change Page Type.



This will take you to a screen that shows you the different page types.



13)   Find the Join Email Type and click the Change link to the right of it.



You will be taken back to the editing page.  The only differences you may notice, is that it now says you are editing a Join Email Page and there is only one paragraph to edit.  This Intro Paragraph is what a potential subscriber to your newsletter would see above the signup form.  This is gives you a chance to outline the information your newsletter offers and the benefits of signing up.



Congratulations!  You have setup a Join Email page!  To view it, Click View WebSite.



Then click the name of the new page (in our case Join Newsletter) and you will see your new page with the signup form for your newsletter.



This page allows people to easily join your email list. It also provides the courtesy of allowing them to remove their name if they no longer wish to receive notices from you.











Managing Addresses

Managing email addresses is a snap. Just follow steps 1-3 above to return to Manage Your Email Lists.

14)   Notice the current email group is set to ALL, scrolling down to Current Email addresses will display all your current subscribers.


While this is okay, if you only have a few addresses, it is more efficient to organize them into different groups. Note the email addresses have to be in the all group before we can do this. Look at the beginning of this walkthrough for more info.


15)   Locate the line that reads “or create a new group:” In the line underneath, you can type the name of your new group. (Our example is called Newsletter). Then click “Do It!”



The new group will appear in the drop down menu.



16)   Click on the email you wish to add to this group. Then select the name of the group from the menu. Finally, click “Do It!”



17)   You can see the new email group is now displayed with the new email address.



Creating/sending newsletter

18)   Under Email marketing, click on Compose and Send Email.





19)   Currently, our only choice is create new newsletter, so click Edit.



20)   Type a name for your newsletter.



21)   Then a subject name.



22)   You can then type out your message in the area below. Click on Save This Message when done.


Notice you can use !firstname! and !lastname! to display the person’s first or last name.


23)   Our newsletter can now be selected from the list.



24)  Select a group for the newsletter to be sent to, or Test to Self* to send a copy to yourself. Then click Send.



25)  You will receive notification the email was sent.


Congratulations. You have sent your first newsletter.


Important final note

            On the internet unsolicited "junk" e-mail is called spam, and someone who sends it is called a spammer.  This is very bad net etiquette and can generate bad will with customers.  Therefore, it is extremely important you target your newsletters, rather then just sending out mass emails to whomever.  This prevents you from sending messages to people who are only going to trash them upon receiving them. Along these lines, it is a good courtesy to include at the end of each newsletter how a customer can remove themselves from the mailing list.  Thus, the join page is a great tool because it allows people to opt-in and out of your list on their own.  A simple note could be placed at the end of the newsletter reminding them of the location of this page.