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Library of Template Pages

In the body of the page you select from various page types. You can determine the page type by going to the page you are going to edit and looking for the information in the image above.

If you want to change the page type, click the link below the statement.

**Remember, that once you change the page type you will lose all content that you have placed on that page.**

Page Types

Standard Page type: A standard three paragraph page.

Job Listings Page: List jobs that may be available at your business.

Real Estate Listings: Allows you to list real estate for sale. You can place multiple photos and there is a form designed specifically for real estate.

Automobile Listings: Similar to real estate listings it allows you to post photos and has a form deisgned for an automobile listing.

Secured Page: This page is for secured access. It requires users to login to get access to any sub-categories underneath this page. Once you have selected this page type you can add members who will have access to the secured area. This is done by scrolling down to the bottom of that secure page and adding an username (email) and password for the individuals.

Feedback Form: This feedback page allows you to create question forms for your customers. This page also allows you to customize the response your customers will receive once you submit the form. The answers your customers fill in will be emailed to you once they have clicked submit. A copy will also be placed in your manager's console at customers & stats- responses from online forms.

Email Reminder: Your visitors can have your site email them to remind them of holidays, birthdays, or anything else by submitting their date and info off of this page. You can also place your own advertisments around the reminder.

FAQ's: (Frequently Asked Questions)  These are the questions that repeatedly appear in your email or phone calls from customers about the product or service you offer.

Business Links: Here you can add links to other websites associated with yours.

Job Opportunities: List any job(s) that may be available to your company.

Web Links: Links to other sites.

Services: Provide detailed inforation about the services your business provides. You may include coverage area and costs associated with each service.

Contact: Provide a method for your visitors to Contact you whether by phone, fax, email or snail mail.

Two Column Page: This page is a two columned page. It allows you to easily break up the text on your page into easier to read columns.

Link Listing: This page allows you to list and link to websites.

Affiliate Page: This page allows people to register as affiliates for your site.

Join E-mail: This page makes it possible for your customers to add their E-mail address to your database. This allows you the opportunity to send them e-mail newsletters informing them of specials or events going on in your business.

Customer Login: This page makes it possible for your customers to login and check the status of their order.

Reseller Page

Portfolio: Add pictures with captions of you, your family, your friends, or your company staff!

Quick Vote: Give your viewers the opportunity to voice their opinion with the topic of the day quick vote page. This gives the viewers a sense of participating on your web site and encourages return visits.

Calendar: Calendar page type can help your viewers identify upcoming events and scheduling for your company.