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Make Changes to Your Site

Click on the letters below corresponding to the area you need help in, for a detailed description.

a. Web Site Layout Image - This is a graphic of the basic structure of your website. For detailed help, click on the image above.

b. Resolution Setting - The width your web site is displayed. Every computer monitor is set at a different display size, depends on preference. The three listed are common setting with 800x600 being the most popular layout. Choose the settiing you would like then click the update button.

c. Add or Remove a Web Page - This button will take you to the same area as the categories/subcategories on the layout image. If you need to add a new page, rename a page, or delete a page you will click on either this button or the image map. Also, you can change the order of your pages in the top navigation by numbering them accordingly and updating with the button below the number.

  • When adding a page just enter the name then click the button underneath.
  • When changing the page name select the page you would like to change from the drop down menu and make the change you would like in the box underneath.
  • When deleting, select the page you would like to delete from the drop down menu and then proceed by clicking the delete button.
  • When adding, making changes, or deleting sub-categories simply scroll to the bottom half of the page and follow the same directions in making changes as above. The only difference with sub-categories is that you must select the main category page from the dropdown menu then add, change or delete sub-categories.

d. Choose a Different Web Site Theme - Click here if you would like to change the theme for your website. There are a variety of colors and styles available to choose from, such as Flash (animated) themes, and even a few foreign language themes. There is a preview button you can click on to see what the theme layout looks like and the other button is to select the actual theme. The top of the page tells you what theme you are currently using. Changing the theme will effect any changes you have made to the background colors. You may have to go in and change your background color once again. If you cannot find a theme that suits your company contact your sales representative and ask about purchasing a custom theme.

e. Choose Background/Text Colors - You can change colors to various parts of your web site from this screen, from the background, to the body, to the text colors. The colors are not determined by common name but hex colors. If you know hex color numbers, you can enter them next to the color you want to change and be sure to click on the corresponding button before updating. If you don't know hex colors we have provided a chart you can click on and it will automatically enter the number for you. There are many resources on the web which provide these hex numbers and "browser safe" colors for your website. This page also allows you to upload an image for your background rather than plain color. If it doesn't look quite as well as you thought it would you can simply come back and click on the button to remove the image.

f. Choose a Title for Your Website - This is where you change what appears on the title bar of your browser. Enter the name you would like up there and update.

g. Add Sound to Your Website - Is your website missing that certain something.... Perhaps it is sound you would like to add to your website so that your visitors can listen while they browse/shop on your site. There is a library of some songs already installed in the manager's console. If you have a favorite midi that is not in our library simply browse through your hard drive for your favorite MIDI file and upload it here. It is just as easy to remove off this page.

h. Toggle Search Bar on your Site - The search bar is default when you build a site in the categories of autos or real estate. They are built in for those individuals selling vehicles or selling/renting homes. If you have chosen the category real estate but do not offer these services you can come to this page and disable that search bar from appearing on your site.

i. Toggle JavaScript - This enables a message to appear when a visitor right clicks on your site. This is security for those copyrighted photos/images you may have on your site. This page gives you a couple of options, no javascript feature, disabling of the mouse right-click, and a message coming up when the visitor attempts to right click on the page.