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New and Improved!!! 

Welcome to our ongoing effort to provided the very best in Customer Support.   We are embarking on a new campaign to update and supplement this Learning Center. 

Check back often to see the newest additions!

How to setup an Affiliate Program: this power marketing tool now has a step by step walkthrough located here.

The first step in using the Managerís Console is to log in

Go to your Managerís Console at http://www.securemgr.com


  • Enter your Email Address and Password and click on Login

Once logged in youíll see 6 icons

1. Company Information

  • Update your company information such as mailing address, email address, phone number etc. You can also change your manager password here.

2. Manage Your Site

  • Add, edit or update content, edit or create pages, change color themes, upload images and much more!

3. Promote Your Site

  • Promote your site through banner advertising, affiliate programs and email marketing tools.

4. Customers and Statistics

  • Measure traffic to your Site, analyze sales data or view profiles of your online customers.

5. E-Commerce Options

  • Personalize your E-Commerce site by adding new products and shopping services.

6. Back Home/Preview Your Site

  • Back Home Brings you back to this page from anywhere within the manager's Console
  • Preview your site, clicking here will open your web site in a new browser window so you can see all your changes live!