There is currently no other tool available that will provide all of the features that PollutionTech™ includes. The system essentially eliminates the need for data input, conversions, and tedious revisions and RFQ modifications. The client puts in their streams and signs off on their process composition. As a vendor you simply see the process in an easy to read table that can quickly be analyzed using PollutionTech™ or imported in .cvs and analyzed in excel or any of your current simulation tools. You can quote right through the system and provide quick, precise quotes without the need to email, fax or mail contracts. PollutionTech™ will keep track of modifications to the scope and allow you to modify your quote, prices and terms and conditions.


Become a preferred vendor and your company profile will automatically be displayed for potential customers to request RFQ’s from you. Not only are the leads verified through our system, but they come as a result of a client that PollutionTech determines actually needs the technology your Engineers provide.

Proposals & Quotes

PollutionTech™ online system alerts you when a process changes so that you may approve your quote or system capabilities for the new process. We strive to make the development of proposal revisions obsolete. Our team of engineers has written hundreds of proposals and has developed a simple and complete interface that takes the guessing out of proposals and quoting.


Use PollutionTech™ to quickly and efficiently communicate with your client. Have them see how your system performs under process modifications, upsets or turn-around. Quickly update their system and provide them the necessary equipment as regulatory limits and requirements change.

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