Process SimulationPollutionTech™ has modules developed for End-Users, Consultants, and Vendors. The systems are created to seamlessly facilitate the transfer of information between the different parties while providing the End User with a clear and subjective answer to their air pollution technology needs.

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PollutionTech™ is providing web client software that will determine what technology must be implemented to suit your process and economic needs. It will analyze end-user’s unique process data and provide a summary of competing technologies; simultaneously developing a list of vendors and a customized request for quotation (RFQ) that can be submitted to pre-approved vendors on-line. PollutionTech™ is not only process simulation software but a communication tool that has end-users talking directly with manufacturers, eliminating opportunity for costly mistakes or increased costs associated with middle-men. Vendors will receive an RFQ tailored to your requirements and will be able to respond via our web vendor interface. Our system will analyze the different bids, distinguishing between the operating conditions and associated costs to determine the best solution on a discounted cash flow (NPV or PW) basis.

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With more than 24,000 simulated systems & designs, more companies trust PollutionTech™ to manage their process, minimize risk and help reduce operating and procurement costs than any other online VOC simulation tool. Find out how we can help you.
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PollutionTech™ helps certified consultants integrate with our online simulation software to expand their consulting solutions. 
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PollutionTech™ provides vendors with a unique opportunity to compete on technical merit.  Providing vendors with tools that generate new business, manages RFQ's and provides third party verification of design.
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