PollutionTech™ understands that Air Pollution Control Technology purchases can be an expensive and difficult task.  We have developed a platform that helps end-users, consultants, and vendors communicate purely on technical merit and experience.  Our experienced engineers have created a tool that is useful throughout the development, procurement, and maintenance of VOC, HAPs, Odor, and NOx control technologies.  

"I believe in showing the numbers. I want to give our clients the tools to design the correct technology at the best value."
Founder and CEO

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With more than 24,000 simulated systems & designs, more companies trust PollutionTech™ to manage their process, minimize risk and help reduce operating and procurement costs than any other online VOC simulation tool. Find out how we can help you.
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PollutionTech™ helps vertified consultants integrate with our online simulation software to expand their consulting solutions. 
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PollutionTech™ provides vendors with a unique opportunity to compete on technical merit.  Providing vendors with tools that generate new business, manages RFQ's and provides third party verification of design.
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