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With decades of experience, services range from flat fixes to custom fitting, frame alignment and cutting edge wheel building.  Nothing is "off the table".  Helping realize bicycle related visions is what we're about.


Minimum $3                                      Hourly $49

-Item/Category Service-

Information                                 Complementary

Adjustment                                                  $9-29

Install                                                           $9-29

Removal                                                      $9-29

Build                                                          $49-79

Machining                                                   $9-29

Alignment                                                  $19-99

   Boxing          (Box/Tape/Packing etc.)  +  $49-69

Pickup/delivery                              Minimum $19

Overhaul                                                    $29-39

Cleaning/Restoration                                 Hourly


Some services consist of/require combinations of one/more categories


-Package/Combo Services-

    Check-Over (1st Year-Bike Customers) Complementary

Tune-up                                                  $  59 - 99

Re-condition                                           $109-149

Over-haul                                               $159-199


Subcontracted services will incur separate

“Handling Fees”


All repairs are subject to a “Shop Supplies” charge

chemicals/laundry etc.




Thank You for considering Us.