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 Fr. Bart Pax, OFM, passed away on July 24, 2009

Because of Fr. Bart’s great love for the parishioners of St. Mary of the Angels, he worked tirelessly and fought diligently in the restoration process of our church. And because of his great determination, St. Mary of the Angels Church opened its doors once again after Hurricane Katrina.

As much as Fr. Bart loved the students of St. Mary of the Angels Elementary School, he was unable to get it reopened.  However, he played a vital role in coordinating with Catholic Charities and FEMA in the restoration of the school building. It is now being occupied by Head Start and College Track, College & University.

The Community of St. Mary of the Angels will always remember Fr. Bart during Hurricane Katrina, staying behind and opening the school during the storm as a place of last resort, saving many lives.

We will always be grateful for the contributions of

Fr. Bart!!

 In Remembrance of Those in our Community
who Almost lost their Lives and Those who Did.





St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Community